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What We Do

Aboard The Pickle Ship, the art of printing has been handed down from generation to generation, father to son. The products we produce are not created with the push of a button. Rather, each piece, when complete, is a unique piece of art done to perfection and complete customer satisfaction!

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Letterpress Printing

Our company was originally founded as a letterpress printing shop, and we offer this service for clients who require the quality associated with this time-honored craft. We can set type by hand, or we can print from an engraving made from your artwork.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is achieved when a stamping die is mounted, heated and pressed against the foil to bind it to the end product. Foil stamping, by itself, does not produce a raised image. It is often combined with embossing for a truly remarkable look.


Embossing is most commonly used on pieces like pocket folders, business cards, stationery, promotional pieces and covers. It can be used by itself to create a blind emboss, or combined with printing or foil stamping to help make certain areas of the piece literally stand out!

Die Cutting

Die cutting is a specialty of ours, on many different products including paper, board and corrugated. With over 30 years of expertise, we make most of our dies in-house, which saves cost and production time.

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